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CW: A Clash of Critics frequently discusses issues such as violence, abuse, sexual assault, bigotry, and other sensitive topics. 

201 The North Remembers

Welcome to Season 2! Mia and Scott discuss our introduction to Stannis, Melisandre, and Davos, consider the political value of women as hostages, and ask just how much Robb is Ned's son in Season 2, Episode 1: The North Remembers.

Note (Jun'18): we've had some further discussion about our use of language on the topic of sex work and upon advice, moving forward we will use the umbrella term "sex worker" for all characters who engage in sex work, irrespective of how they are described in canon. Please refer to this moment curated by Twitter user @JinxLierre for more information on the topic: https://twitter.com/i/moments/998579432280543234

202 The Night Lands

Mia and Scott compare two very different uplifted nobles, mourne the loss of Rakharo, and consider Theon's identity as framed by experiences of diaspora.


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203 What Is Dead May Never Die

Mia and Scott question whether incest can be blamed for the terror that is Joffrey, and agree that being called a weakness is definitely not a compliment!

204 Garden of Bones

Mia and Scott discuss the absurdity of Qarth, ask what types of bodies are considered disposable, and return to the subject of substitutive punishment in Season 2, Episode 4: Garden of Bones.


For more information on the topic of sex worker language see: https://twitter.com/i/moments/998579432280543234

205 The Ghost of Harrenhal

Mia and Scott ask "what is a king?" and discuss the power of myth-making narratives in Season 2, Episode 5: The Ghost of Harrenhal.

206 The Old Gods and the New

Mia and Scott approach the realism of riots from a sociological perspective and compare the attitudes towards execution of three Winterfell-raised men in Season 2, Episode 6: The Old Gods and the New.


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Interview with Natalia Tena: https://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/69684263.html

207 A Man Without Honor

Mia and Scott discuss the hypocrises of oath-sword service and consider the role of the Wall in possible allegories of colonialism in Season 2, Episode 7: A Man Without Honor.

208 The Prince of Winterfell

Mia and Scott compare Robb Stark to his father, lament the actions of Theon, and consider the connections drawn between women and eunuchs in Season 2, Episode 8: The Prince of Winterfell.

209 Blackwater

Mia and Scott consider the value of honour in battle and ask what is going on with Sandor and Sansa in Season 2, Episode 9: Blackwater.

210 Valar Morghulis

The Season 2 finale is here! Mia and Scott discuss performartivity in politics, the language of oppressors, and Tyrion's red flags in Season 2, Episode 10: Valar Morghulis.

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