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301 Zombies, Pop Culture, and Pedagogy (with Dr Arnold T Blumberg)

To kick off season 3 we are joined by zombie expert Dr Arnold T. Blumberg to chat zombies and their value as a pedagogical tool. We discuss Arnold's book, JOURNEY OF THE LIVING DEAD: A Tribute to Fifty Years of Flesh Eaters, as well as the value of media literacy in education and culture.

You can find Arnold on Twitter.

Check out ATB Publishing for a range of publications exploring pop culture, including JOURNEY OF THE LIVING DEAD.

302 Interventionism and Burnham's Three Mummies in Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 (with Dr Tim Steains)

Today we welcome back Dr Tim Steains to chat about Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery. We consider Starfleet's sketchy record with interventionism, Section 31 as a problematic foil for Starfleet, and Burnham's trans-racial parentage.

You can find more of Tim's work on academia.edu!

303 Sydney’s Drag King Scene and Chemsex Between Men (with Dr Kerryn Drysdale)

We are joined by Dr Kerryn Drysdale to discuss her book, Intimate Investments in Drag King Cultures: The Rise and Fall of a Lesbian Social Scene. We also chat about her work on the 'Crystal, Pleasures and Sex between Men' project, funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and WA Health.

You can find Kerryn on Twitter.
Also check out the Crystal Clear podcast.

CW: Both this episode of Trope Watchers and the Crystal Clear podcast discuss topics such as drug use and sex.


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