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301 Zombies, Pop Culture, and Pedagogy (with Dr Arnold T Blumberg)

To kick off season 3 we are joined by zombie expert Dr Arnold T. Blumberg to chat zombies and their value as a pedagogical tool. We discuss Arnold's book, JOURNEY OF THE LIVING DEAD: A Tribute to Fifty Years of Flesh Eaters, as well as the value of media literacy in education and culture.

You can find Arnold on Twitter.

Check out ATB Publishing for a range of publications exploring pop culture, including JOURNEY OF THE LIVING DEAD.

302 Interventionism and Burnham's Three Mummies in Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 (with Dr Tim Steains)

Today we welcome back Dr Tim Steains to chat about Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery. We consider Starfleet's sketchy record with interventionism, Section 31 as a problematic foil for Starfleet, and Burnham's trans-racial parentage.

You can find more of Tim's work on academia.edu!


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